Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Friday, February 8, 2013

January is poster month!

Well, it's been a good January for us here at Woodstock Organic Concepts, we've learned a few new tricks in the kitchen just in time to not need them since we're now getting all our food from our new client, Blue Mountain Bistro to Go. And boy is their food delicious. Owners Mary Anne and Richard are a pleasure to work with and a joy to dine with. Stay tuned for some fun work we're doing on their behalf.

In the meantime, January brought us an opportunity to get a lot of personal work done (read: kinda slow again) and do a few posters for various clients and good causes.

Top: A fun poster for Performing Arts of Woodstock's 2013 Winterfest. It was fun bending the fork and coming around the corner at the office just as the sun ducked down toward the horizon and seeing that the long shadows of winter were perfect for this shot.

Dj and all-around great guy Dave Leonard is once again raising money for a good cause with his annual pisces party. After we made this poster, we recommended that people with pisces tattoos get in for free. (You'll still be hit up to donate to the cause though.)

Client Rhinebeck CSD PTSO needed a poster for their cool cookie-gram idea.
We threw in the new logo (bottom) for free.