Tuesday, October 20, 2015

We love doing holiday cards!!

Over the years, we've done a lot of holiday cards for a lot of clients, especially JTD Productions and radioUnleashed. Here below are a few of them that we've found with a short look through the digital filing cabinet. Enjoy!

(Click on any card to see it bigger!)

Above: a meditation on the commercialization of the holiday. Copy below:

Maybe the perfect holiday gift doesn’t go fast or go slow,
run on electricity, run on solar power, or make you run faster;
maybe the spirit of the season isn’t best embodied by
something that fills you up or makes you woozy
or tickles your fancy for just a moment or two
before the next big thing comes along to
steal your attention and affections.

Maybe it’s not something made by people,
many of whom work for less than minimum wage,
who slave away so that you can sit back or sit up
or stand up and shake your booty.

Nah.  It’s totally all of those things.
It’s music.  The best gift ever.

Just a thought . . . 
. . . from all of us at JTD Productions and radioUnleashed.

* * * 

A little bit of retro kitschy fun, signed off on the price tag.

* * * 

Above: a heart, die-cut out of a postcard with suggestions about filling your heart.

* * * 

A poetic rumination on ornament hangers and the connections that are made over the holiday season.

* * * 

Above: popular holiday songs of different religions and a message of respect and joy.

* * * 

Above and below, front and back. Classic or fun holiday albums with a little JTD branding slipped in for good measure.

And here below are some fun "don't forget JTD for your holiday party" cards from the past few years.

Above: a fun musical menu.
Below: connect the dots with JTD.

* * * 

* * * 

Red and green always spells festive.

* * * 

Below: a radioUnleashed holiday card:

And one for the fine folks at Blue Mountain Bistro, who wanted a retro fun card like the tv dinner one above: