Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Preston Schlebusch world domination tour continues

Those of you following along at home will recall that last year we did a logo for travel/destination photogs Preston Schlebusch. And those of you who are habitually sitting in the front of the classroom will no doubt recall that, for their logo, we made them a flag. An actual, physical flag. Sure, there was a photoshop version of it, but the real logo, the one that actually reinforced who they are and what they do and WHAT THEIR BRAND STANDS FOR, was a flag, and it was meant to be taken with and photographed everywhere they went. Well, it's been taken to some places and, if we say so ourselves, it looks pretty darned good. It's one thing to do good work for a client; it's something else completely when that client runs with it. All over the globe. Thanks Preston Schlebusch. Love, Woodstock Organic Concepts.