Thursday, November 14, 2013

She sings, she tells stories

Our friend Jill Sobule does a show with her friend Julia Sweeney and they wanted a little logo for the show. "Maybe, you know, kind of a Sonny and Cher kinda thing to hang behind us on stage. Or like Flip Wilson, from the 70's." "Sounds fun", we thought. And it was. Here below is a smattering of what we came up with and some commentary to boot:

This is more or less where we started, with a direct knock off of the old Flip Wilson show logo from the 1970's.

Then we combined it with pics of the beautiful duo:

Then we explored the Sonny & Cher show logo arena:

Not sure why, but then we dressed them up as Playboy bunnies. It seemed kind of ironic to present such strong women in that way, and irony is the soul of wit and their show is incredibly witty. So....

Well, none of this work was striking just the right nerve with the duo, so we went a little further out, just to see what was out there. 

I don't think there was any concept whatsoever to this one with the hooves:

We love nougat. (whatever it is)

Getting all Mel Brooks on it:

Going creepy:

None of this found a buyer, so eventually, we decided to try something a little simpler. The letter 'j'. Twice. Looks nice with regular dots over it or with little faces. (as shown here) Jill kinda liked it, Julia had an idea:
What if we made one 'j' thin and one 'j' thicker. Just like the two of them. Perfect.

And that's how the logo for the jill and Julia show was born.

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