Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some of you fine readers out there may be aware that F.L. (fearless leader) used to work in London with a fellow named Stinky. Well, F.L. and Stinky traveled far and wide whilst living across the pond and spent a fair share of time on the beaches of the world.

F.L. always found beaches just a little boring until Stinky showed him how to make sand balls.

Now this is way before anybody had ever heard of Andy Goldsworthy, so don't even think of saying "Ooooh, that reminds me of Andy Goldsworthy!" It reminds us of Stinky, and now that we've shared this little tidbit of info with you, it should remind you of Stinky, too.

Here's a sandball line made by F.L. a few summers ago in Hilton Head:

And here's what showed up in our RSS feed this morning, courtesy of the beloved SwissMiss blog:

And here's what we found on the FormFiftyFive blog: a few pics of advertising created by Curb, the world's first natural media company. Sooo cool that it makes us happy to be alive.

And here, for those who have not been reminded of Andy Goldsworthy, is a nice creation by Andy Goldsworthy:

Join us tomorrow as we turn our sites to the seas.

xo, the team at WOC.

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