Sunday, May 10, 2009


A few words about bad-vertising: People love bad-vertising. The blogosphere cant' get enough bad-vertising. We love bad-vertising.

A local billboard advertising its proximity to a car dealership showed an enormous head with the headline: "Johnson Ford...just ahead." Bad. Good. So bad it's good? This is the eternal paradox that defines bad-vertising.

Years ago, some hot-as-the-dickens agency in Minneapolis did a super-cheesy spot for Easy Spirit dress shoes. It showed an actual game of basketball being played by actual women wearing the actual shoes and sported the not-so-elegant tagline: "Looks like a pump, feels like a sneaker." So bad it's good and supposedly crazy crazy crazy effective -- sales went through the roof. Our old friend and ad pro Stephen Hersh used to say "nothing beats a good product demo" and the Easy Spirit spot's success was certainly proof of that.

Why all this recent rumination on bad-vertising? Behold this spot in the spirit of Rodney "can we all get along" King:

Damn, we love the Casio. Here's a link to the guys who made this spot: make sure you watch the Taco-bell drive through folk-musical, it's very nicely done.

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