Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sister logos

These two organizations are run by the same group of people and serve related causes, dealing with airborne illnesses that are a result of toxic exposure.  So we wanted to create logos that would relate to each other.  Since we're deep into a logo love affair with Arial Black, we were off to a good start, the other defining characteristic of them both was the concept of rising from the smoke.  

For Recover, which is primarily an online resource for health care and public health professionals, the smoke was created with binary code, a series of ones and zeros laid over each other until nearly black at the bottom and light and ethereal at the top.  Here the Arial type is filled in with blue sky and clouds, symbolizing the clean breathing that will be the result of physical recovery from exposure.  The URL is part of the logo, adding more context to the binary code background.

For the LMPHC, the 'rising from the smoke' concept was paid off with the literal smoke of ground zero in a moving photo taken by Photographer's Mate 2nd Class Jim Watson of the U.S. Navy.  (which means it's in the public domain)

We like doing logos and hope it shows:

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